Happenings at Little Tree

It has been a busy month at Little Tree.  We had a successful Fall Ayurvedic Cleanse, have had several clients begin care, and attended a really empowering Strong as a Mother Summit.  The lovely space we have created in Wheat Ridge is cozy and everyone who walks through the doors visibly relaxes and states that it feels, and smells, so lovely.

Words do not do Amy and Little Tree justice. Whatever leads you through the door to Amy, (well women care, prenatal care, classes, trainings, cleanses) – you will get so much more out of your time together than you can imagine. Her approach is evidence based, but beyond that, her support is grounded, thoughtful, inquisitive and tailored to meet you where you are and help you to achieve your personal goals for the present and for the future. She is willing to ask you questions and dive more deeply into what other providers often avoid or don’t have the language or tools for. She’s the real deal. – a client in Denver.

Coming up, we have some new group offerings.  The first is the foundation course for the training and mentoring work I am doing for birth workers: midwives, doulas, nurses and physicians.   This is not a course about what we do in these roles, but rather how we show up in the birth space, access our intuition and from there springs what we do.   Doesn’t matter where you are in this work – just beginning, in training, new or seasoned.  Get more information here and sign up here.  Share with anyone you think might be interested.

The second offering will be in January and will be a  4 week gut healing program.  In my own life, and in the the work I do with women, many experience chronic discomforts like heartburn, gas, diarrhea, constipation, IBS, skin problems, head aches, fatigue, sleep problems…. I could go on.   So often the root of many of these problems starts in the gut.  This program gets at healing the gut, so it can do the good work nature intended – digestion and elimination.  More details coming soon, sign up for our journal to stay updated.


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