AHH… Connection

I did another of what I am calling “yard visits” today.   I drove up to Boulder and with the Flat Irons as a backdrop, I set up my equipment;  a soft mat under a tree for when we would check on belly and baby, and a plastic bin with my equipment and supplies.  Then I took a seat on a stool about 8 feet away from my patient.  The distance felt foreign, but much, much smaller than the distance I have felt via telehealth visits.  As we talked about the discomforts she was having in her body, I watched how she moved and where she pointed.  When we explored how things were going emotionally, I could better appreciate her facial expressions and body language.  I could sense what was going on energetically.  Through these observations – of mind, body and heart – I provided care that was individualized and connected.

When we transitioned to the hands on portion of her visit, I put on my PPE, and she lay down on the soft mat.  She smiled as she felt the warmth the sunshine had brought to the mat.  As a breeze blew around us, I felt her belly and baby, confirming what she already knew – baby head down with knees poking out.  The baby’s heart beat was strong and brought another smile to her face – I listened a bit longer and said hello to the baby.  When I did her lab draw she said, “Wow, I never imagined I would be looking up at the blue sky through a tree as I got my blood drawn”.   When done with the physical checks and lab work, we returned to our distance and wrapped up our visit.  As I drove away, I felt clear that we had done something more than “bare minimum checkup”.  Yes, we did the checkup, but more than that, we connected.  At this time, and always, finding ways to enhance connection is front and center in my priorities.  I hope each of you find meaningful connection as we journey through this time of separation.

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