Be Present

As we live this journey, the best advice I have is to continually come back to your breath.  Those of you who have labored and birthed babies know the anchor and ground your breath can provide.  Those with mind/body practices have experienced the same.  We need to be grounded, we need to be present, so we can respond with compassion to what is unfolding around us.

To support our mind/body wellness, I continue to teach online Bowspring classes.  In the next two months I will be teaching:

  • Intro to the Bowspring:  In this series of classes, you learn the 10 key areas of the Bowspring alignment.  This class is open to all and is a prerequisite for the Prenatal Series.  While it is an intro series, most students report significant changes in their mind and body through the series and many students find value in repeating this class. 
    Thursdays and Fridays in November (starts on November 5th) from 8:30-9:30am
  • Prenatal Bowspring:  This series takes the shared language and alignment you learn in the Intro class and applies it to pregnancy and preparation for labor and birth.  Throughout this series I include many of the ways I have found as a midwife to help people prepare for labor and birthing.  You will learn coping strategies, positioning and movement in labor.
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays in December (starting on December 8th) from 8:30-9:30am 
  • Cost: Intro to Bowspring – series of 8 classes: $50
    Prenatal Bowspring – series of 8 classes: $50
    **if you need to miss a class in the series, a link to the recorded class will be made available.

You can find more info about the Bowspring here.

As you know, Little Tree launched a Birth Justice Fund in October and the response from our community has been amazing.  With the initial announcement, we raised $800.  Thank you to those who contributed. There are more details about the fund here.  Please continue to contribute as you can and encourage people to apply.

I have closed my brick and mortar office and now provide all services at people’s homes or in the Little Tree Mobile Clinic.  Starting in November, once per week, Little Tree Mobile Clinic will be parked at a church in my neighborhood (Northwest Denver) to provide care to patients outside my service area or those who prefer to come to me.  The Clinic has adequate ventilation and space for social distancing.  We can discuss specific location when you schedule an appointment.  Here is more info about the Little Tree Mobile Clinic.

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