About Us

At Little Tree, we believe that each step on our path brings opportunity for growth.  We have created a space – both in person and online – where individuals can engage in this work.    We believe that a foundation of self care is imperative to wellness and that utilization of holistic methods supports the process.  Our intention is to provide connected, compassionate care and education.

In service to helping bridge the gaps and inequities in our health care system, we provide our services to ANY family seeking this care.  We welcome families from all races, cultures, backgrounds, traditions, religions and sexual/gender orientations.  We offer a sliding scale based on income and other resources, contact us for application process.

Amy Wallace_87A1087

Amy is the founder of Little Tree and has been a nurse midwife since 1995.  She has practiced in many settings including a free standing birth center, a small community hospital and large academic hospitals.  She has started two practices and been clinical lead in two practices.  In each setting, Amy has sought out opportunities to teach – students and patients alike. More

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Elizabeth Campbell

Elizabeth is a certified birth doula (DTI) who spent six years working in the nonprofit sector for organizations committed to equitable access to food and housing. These years were fundamental to her curiosity and growth as a professional, and continue to inform her approach to birthwork. In January 2019, she stepped away from nonprofit work to chase down a wild idea she’d been mulling over for some time — becoming a birth doula. Her goal is to provide continuous, uninterrupted support to birthing people and families from a place of cultural humility and radical empathy. Firmly committed to reproductive justice, Elizabeth strives to be a reliable source of information, as well as emotional and non-clinical support.

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