What is it? It is a mind/body practice that evolved from the many years of yoga practice of two teachers – you can read about them and the practice here. In general terms, it is a practice and physical alignment that challenges us to be strong AND open. It is dynamic and functional. It is challenging to learn and the benefits are worth the effort.

One of the reasons the practice is challenging, is that it asks us to question and then try out new alignments for every part of the body. It takes most people about 10 sessions to get a beginning understanding of this new alignment. The second challenge is that the new alignments can open places we have been closed for a long time. This can stir emotional release. This can be uncomfortable….. and when on a path of growth, so worth it. It is not just a practice you do while on your mat, but one you take with you into the world.

Amy Wallace started practicing Bowspring in 2015. She stepped into a class one afternoon, experienced the opening that was so in alignment with her quest for growth, that she continued practicing regularly. Since that time, she started teaching Bowspring to her pregnant and postnatal clients, with positive results. In 2019, she began her teacher certification process that she will finish in 2020.

Presently, Amy is offering the following series of one hour length classes. Upcoming dates/times are here:

Prenatal Bowspring – 6 week series of classes that provides an introduction to the Bowspring as well as practices that prepare you for and can be used during labor and birth. Bowspring alignment provides an approach that opens and strengthens – two essential parts to labor and birthing.

Postpartum Bowspring – 6 week series of classes that can be started at 4 weeks postpartum. In this class we honor the closing of the pregnancy and birthing class, guide you through the early postnatal weeks/months, and provide guidance for functional movement. You can start at 2 weeks after birth with two weekly home sessions.

Intro to Bowspring – 10 week series of classes that takes you through the 10 key areas of the body and provides a foundation you can build on – with the Elementals series, and/or in your regular activities. This class can be adapted for pregnant and postnatal people.

Level 1 Bowspring – builds on the Intro class, providing opportunity to bring the Bowspring alignment into a flow of poses and/or focused work on key aspects of the alignment. This class can be adapted for pregnant and postnatal people.

Upcoming dates/times are here.

**Precertification prices: the series of classes is based on the Amy’s Pre-certification rate of $10 per class. So a 10 week series is $100, 6 week series is $60…. and so on.  We do not offer drop in classes.  Contact me to discuss cost of private and in home classes.

To hold a spot, email us with which series you would like to attend.  You can pay the day of the first class (we accept check, credit card or cash) or prior to class via PayPal to

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