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AHH… Connection

I did another of what I am calling “yard visits” today.   I drove up to Boulder and with the Flat Irons as a backdrop, I set up my equipment;  a soft mat under a tree for when we would check on belly and baby,… Continue Reading “AHH… Connection”

Updates from Little Tree

Mobile Clinic As we walk through these uncertain times, I want to update you on the things I am doing to support your wellness along the journey.  First, I am now offering all my health care services (and some expanded options) via a mobile… Continue Reading “Updates from Little Tree”

Preparing for what’s next….

Nancy Goodman, LCSW provides counseling through her practice, A Parent Connection.  She sent this suggested activity via email today, and it resonates with me as a mindful way for us to grow during this time.  I thought some of you might find it supportive. … Continue Reading “Preparing for what’s next….”

Let’s Get Together

At this time, as we all shift to being at home, I am putting together ways we can connect on line.  I have three ways I am doing this: Telehealth, Bowspring classes, Group Offerings. Telehealth: I am finding creative ways to continue providing care… Continue Reading “Let’s Get Together”

Calm in the Storm

As we seek to find our bearings in this intense time, I am drawn to check in on how people are doing and open the conversation around how we best support each other and ourselves during these times. As is true in all aspects… Continue Reading “Calm in the Storm”