Childbirth Preparation

Welcome to Little Tree’s Childbirth Preparation Online Course Content. Here you will find the list of lessons. Simply click the link and it will take you to that video. Our suggestion is that you take your time with the videos, write down your questions as you go along and bring them to your in person class. To sign up for the in person class contact us.

Lesson One: Labor and Birth Process

Lesson 1.1 – Last Weeks of Pregnancy

Lesson 1.2 – Labor Process in Brief

Lesson 1.3 – Pre-labor Changes and Early Labor

Lesson 1.4 – Labor Day

Lesson 1.5 – Active Labor and Transition

Lesson 1.6 – Pushing and Birth

Lesson 1.7 – First Meeting, Breast Crawl and Placenta

Lesson Two: Interventions in the Labor and Birth Process.

Lesson 2 – Background Information

Lesson 2.1 – Food and Hydration

Lesson 2.3 – Positions in Labor

Lesson 2.4 – Induction of Labor

Lesson 2.5 – The Perineum and the Placenta

Lesson 2.6 – Cord Clamping and the Newborn’s First Hour

Lesson 2.7 – Cesarean Birthh

Lesson 2.8 – Newborn Interventions

Lesson 2.9 – When Interventions are Necessary

Lesson Three: Comfort Measures

Lesson 3 – Comfort Measures

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