Doula Services

The work of laboring and birthing a baby is intense.  Doing it in an unfamiliar environment can make it difficult to settle into “labor land”.   In busy practices and facilities, your midwife or nurse might not be available to provide ongoing support.  Placing the expectation of support to come solely from a partner is a tall order.  This is where the care of a Doula can make a difference.  Evidence shows that having the support of a Doula makes a significant impact on several aspects of labor, birth and breastfeeding.

What is unique about the Doula Services provided at Little Tree?

We start with the foundation that labor and birth bring tremendous opportunity for growth. We know that growth can sometimes be messy and uncomfortable. We don’t shy away from the discomfort, but rather teach and encourage the use of mind/body practices to engage in the process. Each of us at Little Tree are on a path of our own growth and we continually do our inner work, so that we can show up and support families through their unique growth process.

In addition, we carry the view that, labor and birth are normal physical processes. Absolutely there are times when complications arise, but we know that for the majority of people, few interventions are necessary to support an excellent outcome for mama and baby. With that view, our focus is on providing Doula care to people who are seeking to support the normal labor process.  To that end, we specialize in supporting labor and birth without an epidural.  We are not anti-epidural, as we have seen instances where it is exactly what is needed, but we work with people for whom the use of epidural and other interventions are the exception and not the rule.

Our Doula Service is led by Amy Wallace.  In that role, Amy is imparting her nearly 30 years of knowledge and experience as a nurse and midwife through training the Little Tree Doula team.  The training is advanced in nature and focuses on supporting Doulas to provide care in a connected and compassionate way.  In our care, Amy and one of our Doulas will attend your home visits and one of us is available 24/7 to be with you during your labor, birth and initial postpartum.

To get a sense of the focus of our work, read the following posts written by Amy:

Doula package includes

  • Free no obligation initial consultation
  • One prenatal visit
  • 24/7 call/text/email availability starting at 37 weeks in the pregnancy, through the birth of the baby
  • Labor support in your home, at the birth center or hospital through the birth and initial breast feeding support
  • One postnatal visit
  • $900 – full payment due by 36 weeks.
  • If you are interested in our Doula services, contact us to set up a free consultation.
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