Doula Services

The work of laboring and birthing a baby is intense.  Doing it in an unfamiliar environment can make it difficult to settle into “labor land”.  In busy practices, your midwife or physician might not be available to provide ongoing support. Placing the expectation of support to come solely from a partner is a tall order.  This is where the care of a Doula can make a difference.  Evidence shows that having the support of a Doula makes a significant impact in several aspects of labor, birth and breastfeeding.

Why a midwife is providing Doula services:

Being “with women” through the labor process was what initially called me to be a midwife.  Through the years, I have honed this skill and doing the work of labor support is my great honor and joy.   Sitting in the role of the Doula is where I know I will have the time and space to support the birthing process in a connected way.   Amy Wallace CNM

In this role, Amy does not provide ANY clinical care, but only care that falls within the role of the Doula.    If you are interested in this service, contact us to set up a free consultation.

Doula package includes

  • Free no obligation initial consultation
  • One prenatal visit
  • 24/7 call/text/email availability starting at 37 weeks in the pregnancy, through the birth of the baby
  • Labor support in your home, at the birth center or hospital through the birth and initial breast feeding support
  • One postnatal visit
  • $1200 – full payment due by 36 weeks.
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