Our education program is informed by many, many hours of being with women and families through hundreds of childbearing and wellness experiences.  Our classes have been developed on the ground of many years of providing engaging and empowering educational offerings.  

All of our classes are taught by Amy Wallace, Certified Nurse Midwife since 1995.  Classes will include evidence based information, hands on practice and the support of a midwife/teacher who is inspiring, encouraging and compassionate.

Private classes available.  Contact us to discuss this option.

Little Tree Childbirth Preparation

We have heard the need for convenient, and timely Childbirth Preparation classes.  We have lived the value of in person connection. With that information, we have developed a hybrid approach utilizing online content paired with in person group learning.  Learn more about Little Tree’s approach to Today’s Childbirth Preparation here.

Prenatal Movement and Comfort Measures

After many years of helping women birth naturally, teamed with what I have learned in my daily study and practice of the Bowspring alignment, I offer prenatal movement classes. In these classes, you will engage muscles that have been asleep, but need to wake up and get on board for the work of labor and birthing. I will incorporate Midwifery Wisdom: mindfulness, breath, self care and comfort measures into the class. This class is beneficial at any point in the pregnancy. Contact Us for upcoming classes.

Ayurvedic Cleanses

We offer seasonal cleanses drawing from an Ayurvedic approach.  Learn more about the upcoming cleanse here.


Birth Worker Training

Amy offers training and mentorship for birth workers through our Midwifery Roots program. See upcoming offerings here.

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