Newborn Care

At Little Tree, we call the first two weeks after birth the “Babymoon”, and we believe that this precious time is supported when the new family can stay at home.  With that outlook, we provide well newborn care at your home.  These visits follow the schedule recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics at 2-3 days of life and 2 weeks.  These visits include all of the care that would be provided at a pediatrician’s office and are further enhanced through Amy’s focus on newborn feeding and postpartum health.  During this period of social distancing, we will talk outside, or via telehealth, and can do the examination in your back yard, or in my mobile clinic.

As far as our approach to care of the newborn, we take into account that after birth, the newborn shifts from the comfort and warmth of the womb, to our sensory rich world.  Every experience is new.  In her role as a nurse midwife, Amy believes that each of these experiences is impactful to the newborn’s wellbeing.  With that, she takes deep honor and great care as one of the first health care providers to meet and care for your baby.  As such, when she cares for a newborn, she welcomes them and takes a gentle and individualized approach to care and examination – always paying attention to the cues the baby gives about their experience.  The family is encouraged to participate.

After your 2 week appointment, your next recommended well newborn visit is when the baby is one month of age.  Amy will facilitate your transfer to the pediatric practice of your choice.  Little Tree has referral arrangements established with several pediatricians in metro Denver, or you can pick a pediatric practice of your choice.  Records from your care with Little Tree will be faxed to that office.

Call or email to discuss further.

Little Tree is in network with most major insurance companies.



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