Bowspring Classes


Prenatal Bowspring: Live, online workshop to explore how the Bowspring alignment can support your labor and birthing. We will explore the Bowspring alignment with focus on poses that are supportive in labor and birthing.

As a midwife of 26 years, Amy has supported hundreds of people during pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum.  Her passion and gift is in guiding people through unmedicated birth – at home, birth center or hospital.  When she discovered Bowspring six years ago, she knew it would be of great benefit to pregnant people.  From her perspective, the Bowspring approach is the perfect mind/body practice to help people prepare for and engage with the journey.  In this workshop we will explore a series of essential movements and positioning for labor and pushing that support an open pelvis and optimal alignment of the baby.  You will learn tools for:

  • Progress when labor has slowed or stopped
  • Mind/body connection that supports non-intervention
  • Powerful, timely pushing
  • Decreased physical discomforts after birth

Support people are encouraged to attend the workshop.  

Amy’s online prenatal Bowspring was amazing! She prepared me so well for birth, her reassuring words and wise guidance were with me throughout my labour. The classes were also so beautifully tailored and weaved. Amy is so knowledgeable and intuitive, a perfect combo.

Moreover, thanks to her classes, I felt so fit and strong in my body as well as open, I was prancing around until the last day of my pregnancy! So much gratitude!

I can’t recommend Amy enough!! 

Attendee of Amy’s Prenatal Bowspring class in 2020

WHEN: November 27th, 9am-12pm Mountain Time (Denver)

WHERE: Live on Zoom. Recording available for 1 month after class.

COST: $50 per pregnant person, $75 per couple. To enroll in the series, email me and I will send you options for Paypal, Venmo or Zelle.

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