Pregnancy Program

Families and evidence tell us that a maternity care home provides the best care.  A place where care can start before the pregnancy and continue into the first year after birth.  A place where education, community and connection are priority.  Little Tree is such a place in metro Denver, Colorado.  In our care, you receive all aspects of traditional care with so much more.

We  recognize that during pregnancy, people take time from their full lives to get care.  We capitalize on this time to engage in the work of developing self care practices, prepare for labor and birth, and empower self advocacy in preparation for the big work of parenting.  We incorporate the wisdom that natural healing methods can offer during pregnancy, with evaluations and recommendations for supplements, herbs and holistic approaches to deal with common discomforts.  Alongside this approach, we utilize Western medicine when necessary.

Your midwife will be Amy Wallace, a certified nurse midwife since 1995 with a strong track record of compassionate, connected care – with excellent clinical outcomes.  Amy will challenge you to stretch and grow while being alongside you providing guidance and support when it gets difficult.

Amy has cultivated a great deal of wisdom along her path and has an abundance of admirable attributes. In true midwifery spirit she has an extraordinary ability to be “with women”, connecting with patients and their families, allowing them to feel safe and their concerns heard. – a midwifery student in Colorado

For your labor and birthing, we have established a relationship with Westside Women’s Care who attend births at Lutheran Medical Center.  Lutheran has several traditional labor and birthing rooms as well as two low risk birth rooms to support people seeking natural, low intervention childbirth.  With Westside, you have the option of a midwife or a physician providing care.

We are also familiar with many of the options available for labor and birthing in Metro Denver and will support and facilitate finding the best match for your needs.

While we recognize that some people would like to know their labor and birth providers prior to delivery, the reality with most practices in metro Denver is that you are part of a large group and may or may not know the provider caring for you at the time of labor and birth.  In our experience, good providers connect with women and families in the birth space and it doesn’t feel so important that you saw them for a few brief appointments during the pregnancy.  What is important, is that your provider’s approach to care matches what your birth wishes are.  We help you sift through these details to find a right match.  Read more about this here.

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