Today’s Childbirth Education

Bringing together the benefits of online learning, with in person support and guidance

Taught by Amy Wallace – nurse midwife, educator, mother and leader in maternity care.

At Little Tree, our classes start with the view that the journey through pregnancy, labor and birth, is preparation for the journey of parenting.  We see each challenge, fear and joy as opportunities to grow.  We help you develop tools for being present with whatever unfolds.

With thousands of hours spent alongside families through birth, in both freestanding birth centers and hospitals, Amy has developed content that meets people seeking guidance and support for laboring and birthing without unnecessary intervention. Her passion and gift is in supporting women through natural childbirth, so this course is full of tools and practices for how to labor and birth in this way.  But, from her perspective, natural childbirth isn’t the defining measure of success- rather, she sees success as having a birth experience that is full of engagement with the process, whatever that process looks like, leaning into the fear and intensity, to come through the other side empowered and transformed for the work of mothering and life.

Our Childbirth Preparation Course includes:

  • Unlimited FREE access to nearly five hours of online, voice over, slide presentations,
  • Online content formatted in short lessons for convenient viewing to meet your schedule and needs,
  • Private, individualized class with Amy. Contact us to schedule a time.

Between the online and in person portions, this course will cover:

  • Last weeks of pregnancy – what to expect and self care.
  • Labor Process – an overview of the labor process.
  • Common Interventions – why they are used, risks, benefits and alternatives.
  • Creation of birth wishes/plan.
  • Comfort measures – from non medication to anesthesia.
  • Hands on practice of comfort measures.
  • Mindfulness instruction and practice.
  • Movement and positioning to support birthing.
  • The first hours – what to expect for mama and baby.

We also offer a completely online option where the in person portion is done via live video conference. Contact us to schedule a time.

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